Book Unhaul for Friends Birthday

I have so many books that I didn’t love that are now just sitting on my (overflowing) shelf. Today is two of my friends birthdays so I’m thinking of giving each of them a couple of books. I am going to their “party” tonight and neither of them want anything but I think it would be nice to give them books.

After asking Allison and Reese a couple low-key questions and stalking their Goodreads account I’ve come up with a pile of books they want to read or I think they’ll read.



  • Delirium (Delirium #1) by Lauren Oliver
  • Pandemonium (Delirium #2) by Lauren Oliver
  • Anna and the French Kiss (Anna and the French Kiss #1) by Stephanie Perkins
  • Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles #1) by Gena Showalter

When I was talking to Reese she said that she’s read Panic by Lauren Oliver and she’s interested in reading her other books before the Before I Fall movie comes out. Since I own the first two books in the Delirium series I’m going to give them to her.

Allison told me that Reese would love Anna and the French Kiss when I asked her. Since I have no plans of rereading it and it’s just sitting in a pile on my shelf I’m going to give it to her.

Alice in Zombieland is a book in a series that Ienjpoyed but I have no plans of ever finishing. Reese loves The Walking Dead so I think she’ll be able to enjoy the zombie aspect of the book.


  • The Calling (Endgame #1) by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton
  • Free to Fall by Lauren Miller
  • Gathering Blue (The Giver Quartet #2) by Lois Lowry
  • Popular by Maya Van Wagenen

I saw all these books on Allison’s Goodreads to-read page. I asked Reese if she’s read any of these because Allison’s Goodreads hasn’t been updated since November. Reese says that Allison hasn’t been reading much so I’m going to assume she haven’t read them.

Extra Books That I’ll Give to Whoever Wants Them

  • That Summer by Sarah Dessen
  • Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen
  • Dreamland by Sarah Dessen
  • A Great and Terrible Beauty (Gemma Doyle #1) by Libba Bray
  • The Bling Ring by Nancy Jo Sales
  • Wither (The Chemical Garden #1) by Lauren DeStefano
  • Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews

I have all these books that I have no plans of ever rereading and I don’t really want them on my shelf anymore so I’m going to give them!

A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard ARC Review

*I received an e-arc of this book in exchange for an honest review


Steffi doesn’t talk, but she has so much to say.
Rhys can’t hear, but he can listen.
Their love isn’t a lightning strike, it’s the rumbling roll of thunder.

Steffi has been a selective mute for most of her life – she’s been silent for so long that she feels completely invisible. But Rhys, the new boy at school, sees her. He’s deaf, and her knowledge of basic sign language means that she’s assigned to look after him. To Rhys, it doesn’t matter that Steffi doesn’t talk, and as they find ways to communicate, Steffi finds that she does have a voice, and that she’s falling in love with the one person who makes her feel brave enough to use it.

From the bestselling author of Beautiful Broken Things comes a love story about the times when a whisper is as good as a shout.


30197201I read ‘selective mutism’ in the description and I was like “SIGN ME UP” because I used to have selective mutism. I was always a quiet child but in first grade I stopped talking completely. I could talk perfectly fine at home and to my close friends. Over the years I gradually started speaking more and it wasn’t till fifth grade that I could actually speak out loud in class. For years I could only whisper to friends and teachers that I was really comfortable with. Now I can talk to anyone but I’m still really anxious about talking to people.

Representation in books is often not very good because the author did not do enough research or other various reasons. Let me tell you that the selective mutism representation in this book is so accurate. I was literally on the verge of tears because I was so happy about the selective mutism representation. The book allowed me to look back and reflect upon how much I’ve improved over the years.

The story is essentially about a girl who used to have selective mutism and now has severe social anxiety and a boy who is deaf. It’s a love story. If you love cute, lovey-dovey romances then this book is perfect for you. If you aren’t a big fan of cute, lovey-dovey then this book might not be for you. Personally I’m not the biggest fan of lovey-dovey romances so it got annoying at times.

Despite it being annoying it’s still really cute. I’m actually really jealous of Steffi and Rhys relationship. I need someone to date me so that we can be like them. That’s all I need, I’m not asking for much.


I gave this book at 3/5 stars. I loved the selective mutism representation and because of that I will end up recommending it to a lot of people. The romance was kind of annoying but it was actually pretty cute. I’m going to have to check out Sara Barnards other book Beautiful Broken Things to see if its good!

New Years Resolutions that are really late because I kind of forgot about it but I still want to post

Note: I wrote this over a month ago at the start of the year but I messed up and forgot about it so I’m going to fill this post with notes about how I’ve failed

2016 is finally over but unfortunately I foresee 2017 being even worse. Sorry to break it to you. It’s only the beginning of the year and I’m really stressed out. I’ve got so much to do and I don’t want to do it so I’m procrastinating. GOOD JOB BREANNA. I need to get some work done.

The thing about the new year is that people always think that this year something will change even though it has never happened before. I know this and I’m still hoping for change. Oh well I’ll just keep living life.

Somehow I am still determined that this will be my year. I am still telling myself that I AM GOING TO CHANGE and all the change is going to come from this quote:

I am going to be myself

You know how people always tell you to be yourself but it’s really hard to do that? I definitely do but somehow I’m still determined to be myself. All my resolutions this year are based off of that quote.


1. I am going to wear what I want

This might sound really stupid because it seems like I do that already. In a way I do dress the way that I want but I still don’t. I let they way other’s think of me control what I wear. I am embarrassed to wear a bunch of clothing for who knows why. This year if I want to wear a shirt with a stupid meme on it or a really bright lipstick I will. I WILL NOT BE EMBARRASSED FOR WEARING WHAT I WANT!

Note: I have an Etsy wishlist full of shirts that I would wear but I have no money

Note: I made this shirt but my mom doesn’t think it’s appropriate for school because “sexuality shouldn’t be talked about at school”. Guys, SEXUALITY NEEDS TO BE TALKED ABOUT AT SCHOOL!!!! It’s really important to talk about so that people can get educated.

2. Answer some questions in class

I am so embarrassed to answer questions in class. There are so many times that I want to but of course I’m too scared. Half the time nobody in my class knows the answer and it’s so obvious to me but I just keep quiet.

Note: The only question I’ve answered so far has been in religion class. I gave the most controversial answer I could muster and that is “humans have a system of beliefs like gender and religion”.

3. Join a book club

For years I’ve been embarrassed of joining a book club because reading is commonly thought of a ‘uncool’ and I didn’t want to be thought of as any more ‘uncool’. I recently found out that a bunch of my friends are part of a book club so I’m going to see if I can join!

Note: Jenna!!!!

4. Make more friends

It is a well known fact with the people that know me that I’m really shy. I am scared of people. I’m not saying that I have to become a social butterfly, I just need to talk to some people who I wouldn’t normally talk to and try to build relationships I already have into friendships.

Note: I’ll make more friends in my English and Media Arts classes because it seems like they have cool people. Like this girl in my English class was with us at Winterlude to see Coleman Hell with us on Friday so I’ll definitely talk to her.

5. Be happy

I stopped writing this post an hour ago and I’ve just been laying here doing nothing except thinking about how unhappy I am. That happens a lot and I’m just going to try and stay happy. I’m going to do stuff that makes me happy.

Note: I’m trying guys. I really am but it’s hard

6. I want to run down the hallway at school screaming High School Musical lyrics

This has been something that I’ve wanted to do for so long but I’m wayyyyy too scared to do this. I was thinking of maybe getting some friends together and flash mobbing it… maybe… Well now plans are being made in my mind.

Note: Not yet but one day


Part of a poem I have published in ‘Poetry for Sad Girls’ on Wattpad

7. Post what I want on my blog

Don’t worry I’m still going to be a book blog… mostly. I’ll post book reviews and sometimes Top Ten Tuesday but I’ll also be talking about TV, music and real life. I feel as if a lot of my posts are fillers and I want to change that with writing about something I’m more passionate about.

Note: I haven’t been posting much but I’ll fill your feed with book reviews and shit soon.

 8. Write

I’ve been writing this year. I downloaded Wattpad and have been publishing poetry. I’ve planned a story that I want to write. Honestly it’s just so fun and an easy way to let out emotions and stuff like that.

Note: I added this right before I published this post.


I hope that I can fulfill all these goals so that I can truly be myself. Even if I don’t specifically complete these goals I am going to try to be myself. I hope that you can also be yourself this year. Happy New Year!

How to be Happy: A Memoir of Love, Sex and Teenage Confusion by David Burton // Book Review


A funny, sad and serious memoir, ‘How to Be Happy’ is David Burton’s story of his turbulent life at high school and beyond. Feeling out of place and convinced that he is not normal, David has a rocky start. He longs to have a girlfriend, but his first ‘date’ is a disaster. There’s the catastrophe of the school swimming carnival – David is not sporty – and friendships that take devastating turns. Then he finds some solace in drama classes with the creation of ‘Crazy Dave’, and he builds a life where everything is fine. But everything is not fine.

And, at the center of it all, trying desperately to work it all out, is the real David.

‘How to Be Happy’ tackles depression, friendship, sexual identity, suicide, academic pressure, love and adolescent confusion. It’s a brave and honest account of one young man’s search for a happy, true and meaningful life that will resonate with readers young and old.



This book surprised me. It was a “Read Now” on Netgalley and I clicked on it not expecting much. The description intrigued me and I knew that I needed to hear more.

When I went into this book I was unaware that it was a memoir (despite it saying so in the title) until I had read a good chunk of the book. Everything seemed so much more real after realizing that. Sometimes while reading it I got so invested in the story that I forgot that it all happened irl because it reads like a fiction novel.

The memoir went through most of David Burton’s life, high school in particular. His high school years were probably the hardest of his life, as many peoples are. This guy, he completely remade himself for school and it was negatively impacting him because he dealt with depression, anxiety and the suicide of friend(s).

I 100% relate to David when he say’s that drama was his favorite class. I might not be the best actor but I know that in drama class I am free to be whoever I want to be. Other places I am scared but in drama I have actual confidence. David was very similar to me when it came to drama because he felt free in that class also. (The semester just ended and that means drama is over. It’s making me really sad because I’m going to miss that class so much. It’s probably the only ‘safe space’ in my school)

I don’t know what I’m doing with my life and this book made me feel as if that’s okay. I should rephrase that – IT IS OKAY NOT TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE! I mean I have no clue what I want to do and that’s completely okay. Sure I may only be in tenth grade but I still feel the pressure to decide. As a teenager David didn’t even know what he wanted to do. He ended up doing stuff he never even considered in high school.

This boy, David he deals with all sorts of stuff. One of the things that I liked the most was that he was never sure of himself. He struggled with knowing his sexuality throughout his life. He thought he was straight but later realized that he was gay and after that everything got so much more confusing. I can relate because I’m bisexual but I’m still struggling because I don’t know if that’s the correct label for me. I don’t know and neither did David.

A big lesson that I learned from this book is that it’s okay not to know. You shouldn’t feel pressure to decide something right away (well maybe if you’re in twelfth grade and you need to apply to schools…).  The decision will still be there if you take a break for a while. More opportunities will arise and you don’t know what the future holds.

As a socially awkward girl I don’t talk to a lot of guys. This book helped me see the mind of one and I now know a tiny bit more. (That made me sound so innocent but it’s so true and I am very innocent) I wish I had more guy friends because I’ve got like two and they live across the country. The guy ‘friends’ I have here are more acquaintances and I rarely talk to them.


This book was surprisingly good. As I said, I wasn’t expecting much and the author is like non-existent online soo… I gave this book a 3.5/5 stars because sometimes it got a little boring and repetitive but not too often.

Catch Up With Me // Poetry, Procrastination, Indigo Teen Hangout

Let me start by saying I’m sorry. I’ve been gone for a while; It’s been half a month. Honestly I’ve had no motivation to blog or do anything. I’ve finished one book this year and that book I was almost done when the year started so… ya. I’m not even going to try to explain why I’ve been gone because I don’t know why.


Now I’m going to answer the question that I know only two of you have been thinking: What has Breanna been up to these past few weeks?

Thanks for asking. The answer is simple: Procrastination. But like actually I’ve done so much procrastinating it’s kind of funny; I have a math exam in two days and I forget how to find zeroes… oops. I’ll study after I write this post, another post and do some other things.

Other than procrastination I’ve also started writing poetry. In December I read The Princess Saves Herself in this One by Amanda Lovelace and I absolutely loved it. After I followed a bunch of poetry accounts on Instagram and fell in love with it. The past week and a half I have spent a lot of time writing short poems that I publish to Wattpad. A bunch of my friends say that I’m really good at writing it so I’m going to continue posting my poems.

Heres a link to my Wattpad where you can read my poems

So I’ve spent a lot of time on those poems. I’m most proud of Cause and Effect 1 and Shut Up . You should go check them out and tell em if you like them. Also comment ideas about what I should write a poem about next.

I’m also going to write poems based off of my history notes to help me study for my exam on Wednesday. If you want to read those I’ll drop the link here. I doubt they’ll be very good and they’ll be about Canada in 1899-1947; War, autonomy and sadness.


I went to the Indigo Teen Hangout. Back in August I went to this cool Indigo Hangout at my local Chapters and it was pretty cool. They had a second one last Saturday and it was pretty lit. I met some cool book people, talked to the staff. At both of these events I was a boss at YA Trivia because I know popular YA books.

At the event they had a bunch of arc’s that they were giving away. I won 5 of them and I’m feeling really cool. I’ve never gotten a physical arc before so this is pretty cool for me. There were only like seven people at the event so we all had a pretty good chance of winning books.

At the event they said that they wanted to be doing an event like this every month. My Chapters store is going to be starting a teen bookclub soon and I’m so excited!! I’ll get to meet more teens in my community who read. Books are amazing. Bookstores bring people together. I like making friends other places because I don’t talk to many people at school.

If you have any ideas for poetry feel free to comment ideas below! Have you been to an Indigo Teen Hangout?

Goodbye 2016… Hello 2017 // Looking Back on 2016

I’m writing this 15 minutes into the new year and somehow I already know that it’s going to suck. Sorry to break it to you but tomorrow will be just like any other day (except it’s a holiday). I’m just going to go back to my corner and turn the My Chemical Romance up loud.

Sorry about that I was being emo. 2017 WILL BE AMAZING! Is that better?

We all like to have high hopes for the new year. We all think that this year something will change. Maybe you’ll start exercising or you’ll be more social. Unfortunately normally those things don’t happen and it really sucks.

Those few sentences up there probably made me sound really depressing and like I don’t think change will happen. That is wrong. I have ‘plans’ to change this year and hopefully I will follow through with them.

I think that we can all agree that 2016 was pretty bad even though we did have some pretty great moments in there. Let’s not focus on the bad but instead the good. Like we were blessed with this photo of Justin Trudeau (Canada’s Prime Minister) so it couldn’t have been all bad.maxresdefault

In 2016 I finally found music that I liked. In the past I’ve always listened to whats popular because I didn’t know what else to listen to. In April my friends introduced me to Twenty One Pilots and Panic! at the Disco. From those two bands I’ve found a whole genre of music that was made for me. I now have a stable relationship with my music and I’m constantly adding new tunes.

Also I got to spend three weeks this summer in the beautiful Okanagan Valley at an expedition camp. I met some amazing people there from all over western Canada who I still talk to regularly. Some of the sights on my five day expedition are sights people from all over the world come to see. I did biking, hiking and canoeing and I’m probably going to go out and do some of this stuff on my own with friends.


At the end of November I met some bloggers irl. These were people who I had been following online for months. I was so scared of them at first but they were so nice and welcoming.

I had an amazing trip to Cuba with my family for the winter holidays. I spent five days relaxing on a beach and another day in their capitol city, Havana. If you ever get the chance to go to Cuba I recommend that you go. They have the best bread I’ve ever eaten. I’m still obsessed with the bread and I can see myself mentioning it every chance I get. It’s weird, I’m obsessed with Cuban bread.612f1423652db7dcdd0dbe60571f888e

Those were some of my highlights of 2016 and I hope to have many more in 2017.


Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Putting in my Stocking

Happy Tuesday!! On the 25th my family would normally be celebrating Christmas but this year we will be celebrating on Wednesday the 21st because we are leaving the 22nd for Cuba.

This week the theme for the Broke and the Bookish‘s Top Ten Tuesday is books I wouldn’t mind Santa leaving for me under the tree. Santa is a tradition in my family and many others. He normally puts a book, some chocolate and a few other small things in a stocking for me.

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

I loved Six of Crows and the Grisha series. I only read the first book in this duology in September but I want to reread it. I can’t wait to see where these characters go in Crooked Kingdom even though I’m terrified.

Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

I read Illuminae about a year ago and I loved it. I’m so excited to find out what happens now. The cover is absolutely beautiful also so it will make a perfect addition to my bookshelf.

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

There is so much hype around this book but I’m sure I will love it. The cover is beautiful and what I’ve read of Jay Kristoff’s writing has been really good so far!

The Island by S. Usher Evans

I love this book so much. The entire series is a emotional roller coaster for me and I need to have this book on my bookshelf.

The Dan and Phil Boxed Set

Dan and Phil are my dads. They have two books out: The Amazing Book is Not on Fire, and Dan and Phil Go Outside. I’ve read The Amazing Book is Not on Fire and it was really fun so I need it on my shelf. Both I NEED because Dan and Phil are my favorite YouTubers.

Wonder Women by Sam Maggs

I read The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy at the start of the year and then I met her at Fan Expo Canada in September. She is such an amazing lady and I want to read everything she writes. This book will teach me about so many amazing feminists from history and I’m actually so excited.

The Swan Riders by Erin Bow

It’s been well over a year since I read the first book in this series and I’m still dying to know what happens next.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

I’m ashamed to say that I’ve seen the movie but haven’t read the book yet. I’ve heard that the movie is completely different so I guess I’ll just have to picture this book as separate.

Have you read any of these books?

Products Relating to ‘Internet Culture’ that I Really Want

I know this is kind of late  considering Christmas is in a week but I thought it would be really cool to share with you guy’s what I wanted. All of these are internet related stuff like you might see it on Tumblr. I’m sure many of you would be interested in these products yourself.

“I’ll Stop Wearing Black When They Invent a Darker Color” Crew Neck Sweatshirt


Lost Cove Apparel on Etsy

This sweater is so cute! Black is the main color that I wear so it would be really funny. I think that so many people in my generation get this. If they don’t get it then they’ll probably be like “oh look another emo” or something. I personally don’t like to label myself…


“I’m a lot Cooler on the Internet” Crew Net Sweatshirt


Lost Cove Apparel on Etsy

This sweater speaks to me on an emotional level. I am definitely not a ‘cool’ person at school. I have a few friends and we’re pretty chill but that’s pretty much it. On the internet I’ve got a bunch of cool friends and a lot of followers (at least by my standards). I would literally wear this sweatshirt all the time.

“Cats family” Comforter


Anna Alekseeva Art on Society6

I really wanted to get a plain comforter for my bed but then I fell in love with this one. As a person who is ‘opposed’ to color (refer to the first product on this list). If I ever get this comforter I’ll be taking a bunch of selfies with it in the background.

“VHS” All-Over Print Shirt


Hollis Brown Thornton on Society6

Looking at this shirt I feel like if I had it I would look super tumblr and cool. When I first saw it I knew that it would make a perfect addition to my wardrobe. My family used to have VHS when I was really young and I barely remember it. Trust me, I only want this because it’s cool and ‘in style’.

“I Like Fictional Characters Better Than People I Know Personally” Travel Mug


Evie Seo on Society6

That quote is one of the truest things I have ever read. I don’t have any travel mugs that I would bring to school with a hot liquid so if I had this you know what I would be drinking all the time.

“Girls/Girls/Boys” Chiffon Top


goodgirlgone on RedBubble

This shirt is so cute and will help me promote equality and show people that not everyone likes one or the other. Sure once I put it on I’ll probably be scared of judgement but I’ll force myself to walk into my Catholic school with pride. If I do get this shirt I’ll have to wear it next semester because I have religion…..

I really want to get all this stuff but I know that I won’t because it’s a lot. I might get some of these for Christmas or I might buy them for myself in 2017 or I might just never get them. But you know life will go on.

Do you want any of these? Do you think they will help you on your quest to be tumblr?

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’m Looking Forward to in the First Half of 2017

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. It’s one of my favorite Top Ten Tuesday’s of the year! This week the theme is anticipated books of 2017!!

These are 10 books that I’m super excited to read:

Sad Perfect by Stephanie Elliot

When I first read the summary for this book I started crying because I finally felt as if a character had an experience relating to mine. In this book Pea has ARFID (Avoidant/ Restrictive  Food Intake Disorder) and that is the closest thing I’ve ever heard of to what I have.

When I was younger I couldn’t bring myself to eat most foods. Today I can eat a lot of foods but there is something stopping me from eating plenty. It’s really hard for me to go out with friends and eat because I’m scared that they will judge me and make comments. For years I also had selective mutism to go along with my eating. I’ve gotten a lot better. Nowadays I just can’t eat fruit and a couple other things and I’m just labelled as shy. If you have ARFID I probably have nothing like what

Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios

This is a story of Grace who wants to get away from her family so she gets a boyfriend. Her boyfriend, Gavin may be charming but he is also controlling and dangerous. They get in a relationship but Grace wants to leave but it has become a prison. This book looks really interesting and gives me Dreamland by Sarah Dessen vibes. It comes out June 13, 2017!

Internet Famous by Danika Stone

Goodreads Link

Ahhh I’ve wanted to read a book like this for so long! The main character is a senior in high school who just happens to be internet famous. I’m really scared that this book will end up being all about a romance and nothing about being internet famous. I’ll have to read some reviews when the book comes out on June 6, 2017 to see if it’s what I want!

Alex and Eliza by Melissa de la Cruz

Goodreads Link

I think this is a must have for any Hamilton fan. It’s a fictional novel about how Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler met. I NEED THIS NOW because I’m a huge fan of Hamilton! It comes out on April 11, 2017 and I’m so excited!!

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Goodreads Link

This book looks so good. It’s about 16 year old Starr who witnessed her best friend being shot by a police officer. It’s about Starr’s struggle for justice and I’m super interested in it. It’s coming out February 28, 2017 and I might have to preorder it!

Dreamfall by Amy Plum

Goodreads Link

Cata deals with insomnia so she decides to take part in an experimental procedure and ends up in a dreamworld with six other teens. All of their worst nightmares come true in this dreamworld. I need to read this book. I’ll probably be really scared but it looks really cool. Dreamfall comes out May 2, 2017!

American Street by Ibi Zoboi

Goodreads Link

This story seems like it will end up being really sad… idk I just got that feeling from it. It’s about this girl who is immigrating to the US from Haiti. Her mother gets detained by the US immigration so she needs to go to her cousins house alone and deal with the whole American experience alone. This book seems really cool because I’ve never read anything like it and the cover is absolutely stunning. American Street comes out February 14, 2017!

Our Own Private Universe by Robin Talley

Goodreads Link

I read bisexual and I wanted to read this book. It looks pretty cool from the description because Aki falls in love with a girl on mission. I bet there is going to be some friend drama because the description makes a point of saying that Aki is only out to her bff Lori. I can’t wait to read this book when it comes out on January 31, 2017.

Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World

Goodreads Link

This is a “scrapbook” about feminism from a diverse range of voices. That makes me want to read it and I don’t even know any specifics. I definitely need this when it comes out January 24th, 2017!

Done Dirt Cheep by Sarah Nicole Lemon

Goodreads Link

This book looks pretty interesting. It’s about two girls who are seemingly against each other but end up becoming really good friends. I read this and I want them to fall in love but I doubt that will happen. This book comes out on March 7, 2017!

Are you excited to read these books?

Fate of Flames (Effigies, #1) by Sarah Raughley Book Review

This book surprised me it was so good


Four girls with the power to control the elements and save the world from a terrible evil must come together in the first epic novel in a brand-new series.

When Phantoms—massive beasts made from nightmares and darkness—suddenly appeared and began terrorizing the world, four girls, the Effigies, each gained a unique power to control one of the classical elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Since then, four girls across the world have continually fought against the Phantoms, fulfilling their cosmic duty. And when one Effigy dies, another girl gains her power as a replacement.

But now, with technologies in place to protect the world’s major cities from Phantom attacks, the Effigies have stopped defending humanity and, instead, have become international celebrities, with their heroic feats ranked, televised, and talked about in online fandoms.

Until the day that New York City’s protection against the Phantoms fails, a man seems to be able to control them by sheer force of will, and Maia, a high school student, unexpectedly becomes the Fire Effigy.

Now Maia has been thrown into battle with three girls who want nothing to do with one another. But with the first human villain that the girls have ever faced, and an army of Phantoms preparing for attack, there isn’t much time for the Effigies to learn how to work together.

Can the girls take control of their destinies before the world is destroyed forever?

Goodreads Link



I started reading Fate of Flames one day, I got like 80 pages in and loved it. Then I had to put it down and was unable to pick it up for like 3 days and when I finally did pick it up I zoomed right through it till I had 50 pages left. I couldn’t finish those 50 pages that day because I went to the author, Sarah Raughley’s book launch. I met a bunch of cool bloggers there and it was really fun. I finished Fate of Flames the next morning.

I’m not an escapist reader but I definitely escaped while reading this book. I got so into this book that my train ride to Toronto felt short. This is the first book that I’ve read in a while that I haven’t wanted to put the book down. Normally after every chapter during a book I look at my phone and answer Snapchats, I didn’t do that with this book because I needed to know what happened next. Sarah Raughley’s writing is so easy to read. You’ll be 50 pages in before you know it becuase of it. It’s rare to find an author who’s writing keeps you this engaged in a book.

The Effigies are a group of four girls who protect our world from these creatures from Phantoms. Each Effigy has the power of one of the traditional elements, fire, water, air and earth. There is always four Effigies and once one dies another girl takes her place. The Sect is an international organization that helps the Effigies by training them and protecting people from phantoms.

Maia is the Fire Effigy. She recently became an Effigy and has zero confidence in herself but she really wants to help. She is very curious and asks too many questions. If I was an Effigy I’d want to be her. She is a fangirl, a blogger and very shy. Doesn’t that sound like me? She literally has an Effigy fangirling blog and then she becomes an Effigy. It’s pretty ironic.

Belle is the Water Effigy. She is always fighting and is so scared for what’s to come that she’s in denile. The old Fire Effigy, Natalya (who Maia replaced when she died) was Belle’s mentor so it really hurts her to learn about her death. I think of Belle as the mom of the group because she has the most experience and feels kind of separate from the other girls.

Chae Rin is the Earth Effigy. She works at circus in Montreal and hasn’t really seen her family since they found out she was an Effigy. She does not want to leave that life because she’s really mad at the Sect for suspending her.

Lake is pop star, super model and the Air Effigy. She doesn’t want to be there because she has absolutely no confidence in herself. I actually really liked her and I can see room for her to mature a lot in the rest of the series.


All the Effigies have their own personal problems that they are dealing with throughout the entire book. It made the characters a lot more relatable and made me like them more. Unfortunately it was kind of annoying and got in the way of the major problems. I hope that in the sequel there is more light shed upon those personal problems because they would be a lot more interesting and less annoying if they fit in with the story line well.

If you’re looking for a diverse read this is definitely one to check out. Maia is half Jamaican, Chae Rin is Asian, Lake is British and Belle is French. I may not be the most qualified to inform you on diversity but many other bloggers who have reviewed this book have also mentioned it.

I NEED more backstory. That’s my major complaint because we start the story with no detail about what these phantoms are or. Throughout the story we slowly learn more about the phantoms and how they came to be but there is still a lot that I don’t know.


Overall this story was amazing. It kept me interested and the characters were so real. I gave this book a 4.5/5 stars.

If you were thinking about picking up this book you definitely should.