The Flash Season 1 Review

The Flash is about Barry Allen who was struck by lightning, caused by a particle accelerator. He goes into a comma for nine months and wakes up at Star Labs with the power to run really fast. He must deal with problems, keeping his identity secret and saving the city.  

This Show is AMAZING!! I don’t know why I did not watch this show when it came out last year. I watched the first few episodes this summer and I did not feel like watching this type of show. Last week I watched the Arrow/ Flash Crossover and it inspired me to try watching this show again, also my father has been nagging me about it for ages. 

I have not watched season 2 yet, but I am hoping to get to it in the next few weeks. 

Spoiler Section (Some of these are theories for next season)

Why did Eddie have to die at the end? He was my best friend and one of the people who I actually wanted to survive. I would’ve perfectly fine is FIRESTORM (Eddie and Dr. Stein) died. 

If Eddie is dead that means that Eobard never existed, therefore the particle accelerator has not been made yet, therefore Barry is not the flash yet. If Barry was not the flash then he would never go into a coma and Iris would probably have never said yes to go on at date with Eddie, so therefore he would still be alive. 

I don’t ship Barry and Iris. They are practically brother and sister. I would feel weird watching them date. When they went to do things that couples do they will feel awkward and even talking on dates will be awkward. 

I wish Ronnie and Caitlin did not get married. I think that Ronnie is going to die and leave Caitlin as a widow. Caitlin will get really sad and won’t be able to do her work. She will go on a vacation and get kidnapped. 

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