Scream Queens Season 1 Review 


Rating: 3.75/5

Creators: Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy 

This show is about a serial killer who is murdering people in the sorority. It’s really funny and the entire time you will be questioning who the murderer is. If you are looking for something funny but with people dying this is a great show for you.


I had no feelings for any of these characters when they died. I was actually happy that some of them had died, like Pete, who I hated. The way the show was made you had no sympathy for the characters, it made you want them to die. 
Chanel is a terrible person but I love her anyway. She is one of the only people who I would be sad if she died. She is a total bitch yet you will love her. She is psycho enough that she can be truly happy in an insane asylum. I also like Chanel #3 and #5 because they are the perfect people to be in Chanel’s squad. 

I don’t really like Grace, she is kind of boring and super paranoid. Grace does not seem to be able to relax, she always seems to be trying to figure out the mystery of who’s the killer. Pete may seem like the person for Grace at a glance but he is not right for her. I kind of happy that Pete died because now Grace can find another man. 

Zayday is pretty great but there is something about her personality that makes me not like her. 

My episode was probably the last episode of the season, it showed what happened after we find out who the killer is. I think that the Chanel’s in the asylum was the best part of the entire season and the way that Hester made it seem like she was innocent. Hester made it obvious from the beginning that she is a murderer or one day will, her obsession with death was clear to everyone. I am so happy the Grace’s dad is leaving because he was way too clingy to his daughter, but why does he have to be with Dean Munsch, it was a terrible idea.

These are just a few of my thoughts, tell me your in the comments. Have a great day!


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