Breanna Thinks About Buying Books Because She Buys Books

Don’t you love buying books? Don’t you love going to the store, looking through the isles and finding the perfect book? Don’t you love seeing a box at your door that is filled with books? I know I do and I know I buy books way to often.

I normally buy books at Chapters because it is the closest bookstore to my house. If you didn’t know Chapters is the chain bookstore in Canada, it’s great. I sometimes go to Value Village because they have a few nice books for $5 or less. 

Shelves at Chapters

I tend to buy a book every few weeks. I try to not buy books often but that does not work out well. I see new books, I want to continue the series or there are sales so I buy the book. I normally only buy one book per visit to the bookstore but sometimes there are a few books that have a bargain price that I want. 

On Boxing Day (December 26, 2015) I bought 5 books at Coles (the “little brother” of Chapters pretty much) and I was only planning on buying one book. I had received 6 books the day prior and I had to pack all of my 11 books in a Harry Potter bag (essential detail because it’s Harry Potter) for my 4 hour trip home. It was not fun packing the books but I did not spend more than $40 so it’s worth it even with the drive home. 

My Chapters bargain books!

Whenever I buy books I always feel a sense of guilt. I am not guilty for being books, I’m guilty for spending money. I have been trying for like a year to save money for really nice headphones. Having the books in my possession does make me happy but it involves money spending. 

One of my favourite things about buying physical books is to have them on my book shelf. I love how books can be decorations as well as books. Physical books are easier for me to read because they are not on a device with distractions. If I did not have a book shelf I would probably buy ebooks instead. Even though ebooks are distracting I may have invested in an e-reader with only books but I like my physical books that cost $10-$25 instead of ebooks that cost $0-$10. 

Where do you like buying books? How often do you buy books? Do you prefer ebooks and physical books? Tell me in the comment section below. Have a nice day everyone. I hope all your bookish (and other) dreams come true. 


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