Guess What… Sometimes I Listen to Music

I don’t normally listen to music because I spend most of my time reading and watching television shows. Over the weekend I was listening to a lot of music because I had been texting my friends about important matters.

My friend Victoria has been introducing me to K-Pop during our homework block and I have really enjoyed it. A lot of mainstream pop music sounds the same and is overplayed. In physical education class the same person always plays music and she doesn’t even bother changing the playlist, it’s really annoying. 

I have made myself my own K-Pop playlist off of Spotify playlists. I have used the K-Party Dance Mix, The Best of K-Pop Hits and a few others. On my playlist I have 13 songs so far as stated below. 

  1. 4 Walls by f(x)
  2. Lion Heart by Girls’ Generation 
  3. Papi by f(x)
  4. Reset by Tiger JK (feat. Jinsil)
  5. Still I’m by Your Side by Clazziquai Project 
  7. Feeling by BIGBANG
  9. CRUSH by 2NE1
  10. Fantastic Baby by BIGBANG
  11. Trouble Maker by Trouble Maker
  12. Ah Yeah by EXID
  13. Heart Attack by AOA

They all are pretty catchy tunes and I don’t know the English translations. If I hear the English translations it might ruin the song for me. I like them how they are in Korean. If you want to check out my playlist click here! Enjoy:)


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