Titanic (1997) Review

Before Thursday February 4, 2016 I had never seen the movie Titanic before. I have wanted to watch it for a while because it’s an iconic film about a real life event and stuff. It ended up being a very disappointing film. I’m not saying it was bad, it was good, it just didn’t live up to my expectations.

Let’s begin by mentioning the most bothersome part about this film, Cal’s eyes. He had very dark eyes mixed with an abundance of eyeliner. It really made me cringe and it made me not want to look at the screen (luckily I had just downloaded Neko Atsume, ya know that cat game).

Did anyone else think that the relationship between Jack and Rose seemed fake? It was all to instalovey for me. (*Jack sees Rose standing on the deck, they make eye contact, Rose is rushed away. Later someone runs by Jack so he gets up to see who it was, he stops Rose from committing suicide, he falls on top of her, someone comes to get her and thinks jack is about to rape her, they realize the “truth” and invite Jack to dinner. Rose and Jack become friends. Rose’s fiancée ignores Jack.*) This is over the course of a day and suddenly they are in love, they’re entire relationship is only a few days long. THIS IS TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY INSTALOVE AT ITS WORST!! I actually love them both as characters and I love their relationship, I have a really complicated relationship with their relationship. 

When the ship was sinking did anyone else find it odd that Rose and Jack always ended up on the floor that was currently being flooded? They always got out alive even though the other people on the floor died, it bothered me. They get off that floor just as it is completely submerged in water. THIS IS SO FAKE. I love how they survived and all (well at least they survived these parts) but wouldn’t it be more realistic if they weren’t the only ones to be able to get off the floor.  

Now let’s skip to the end when Jack doesn’t get on that piece of wood. HE COULD HAVE GOTTEN ON IT WITHOUT IT SINKING. Let’s be real if he had gotten on when Rose was not in such an awkward position they could have made the weight even on both sides and stuff so it would not have tipped over. Don’t you think that it’s a bit stupid. You would still be alive if you had gotten on that raft, you would have had Rose’s body heat, sure it may have been a bit wobbly BUT YOU WOULD BE ALIVE. 

So what happened to Rose’s mother? She was on a life raft, did she make it to the other ship? What became of her life? Why did we not find out? She was your mother Rose, didn’t you care at all? But actually we needed to find out what happened to her mother and we didn’t, very disappointing. 

Don’t take this in the wrong way, I loved this movie. It was very fake at some parts but still it’s a very enjoyable movie even though it’s over three hours long. While watching it my mother kept telling me that the actor of Rose, Kats Winslet was the leader of Erudite in Divergent. I know it’s been like 19 years but I can’t get over how much she has changed. Kate still looks amazing but she doesn’t look the same. 

What were your thoughts on the movie? Do you agree that some of these things were fake? Did I scare you by using too many CAPITAL LETTERS, I honestly didn’t mean to?

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Atiyab says:

    Haha You are spot on, The movie was cheesy af. The end always messes up in my mind, both of them could have easily been alive.
    Its a good movie, but not a very good movie- am i making any sense.
    Any way, Good Review.


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