To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Laura Jean has loved a total of five guys in her sixteen years. For each guy she writes a letter to him where she writes everything, absolutely everything and holds nothing back. For each letter she gets it ready to send but doesn’t, she puts them in a hatbox her mother gave to her. One day all five letters get sent out and Laura Jean has to deal with the consequences of these guys finding out her feelings.

This book guys, this book is I don’t even know. I like this book and I hate this book. I enjoyed it and I didn’t enjoy it. It is a very easy read and the chapters are so short (idk about you but short chapters make it easier for me to read a book). I had a friend about a year ago who recommended this book to me because she loved it, I didn’t really like contemporaries back then (right now it’s all I read) and I finally took her advice. Laura Jean is really annoying but she is also very relatable. 

She has loved a total of five guys in her life, I honestly don’t think that she has loved them rather than just having a very serious crush on them. I have only ever had two crushes in my life, one was half a year long, the other was one month. The idea that Laura Jean could write letters to these guys and be over them is amazing and I’m going to try it out next time. I’m only 14 so I have time to catch up with 16 year old Laura Jean’s amount of guys loved list. 

We learn a lot about two of the guys and we learn barely anything about the other three. I would love to have learned more about them because it just acknowledged that they got a letter and how Laura Jean had a crush on them. Her relationship with the two guys we do learn a lot about makes me cringe because it’s like “just choose already” (yes there is a love triangle and it’s not that well done).

I gave this book a 3/5 stars. If you don’t mind love triangles I would suggest you check this book out. It’s a decent book, easy to read and short chapters so good for a weekend you’re not doing anything or any day really. Have you read this book? Tell me your thoughts!


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  1. hermionefowl says:

    Oh no, I didn’t realise there was a love triangle in this! I’ve heard so many good things, and I was so looking forward to reading it… Great review šŸ™‚


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