Geektastic: Tales from the Nerd Herd by Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci Review!


As soon as I saw this anthology on the library website I knew I needed to read this. I have wanted to read a book about a geek, nerd, or hardcore fan for a while but I am unable to find one. This is kind of like me improvising (please don’t recommend that I write the novel about the hardcore fan because I’m not a writer).


Once You’re A Jedi, You’re A Jedi All The Way by Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci

A Jedi and Klingon sleep together at a convention and have to deal with seeing each other all day long.

It’s actually pretty cute but I don’t know much about Star Trek. 3/5 stars

One Of Us by Tracy Lynn

A cheerleader wants to learn about Star Wars, LOTR and other fandoms to impress her boyfriend.

Actually super relatable (even though I know a lot about the fandoms and I don’t have a boyfriend. I actually learned stuff though. 4/5 stars

Definitional Chaos by Scott Westerfeld

This guy has to bring eighty four thousand dollars cash to a hotel owners winter home to pay for the convention. He and his exgirlfriend are stuck on a train together but she tries to steal the money.

This was confusing and I didn’t really understand what was happening half the time. 2/5 stars

I Never by Cassandra Clare

Two teenage girls who play an MMORPG (online role playing game) pretend that they are adults and go to a meet up. One girl only goes because of a guy she has been flirting with online.

Love this story but I wish it hadn’t ended. I needed more of the love story. 4/5 stars

The King of Pelinesse by M.T. Anderson

A teenage boy reads Tales of Marvel, a graphic novel series written buy R.P. Flint, the guy his mother had an affair with. He goes looking for answers as to why she did it by finding R.P. Flint.

This is mildly entertaining but kind of annoying. 3/5 stars

The Wrath of Dawn by Cynthia and Greg Leitich Smith

Dawn, a totally antisocial geek girl is forced by her step sister to go on a blind date with her step sisters boyfriends cousin who is also a total geek. And it takes place at a Buffy the Vampire Slayer sing along.

Love this story even though I’m only on season 2 of Buffy. I love how she didn’t hit it off with him (because you know most authors would have made them end up together). 4/5 stars

Quiz Bowl Antichrist by David Levithan

The quiz bowl team makes it to nationals and the team deals with the embarrassment of being on the team, not getting cocky and walking into a room at the wrong time and having to deal with having the wrong reaction.

I really enjoyed this and it actually made me want to join quiz bowl (if my school actually had one). 4/5 stars

The Quiet Knight by Garth Nix

Teenager with weird voice enjoys live action role playing and one night two new kids show up including a hot girl.

Decent story but there could have been more plot because when it ended I was like “is that it?”. 3/5 stars

Everyone But You by Lisa Yee

Popular girl from Ohio, Felicity moves to Hawaii when her mom marries a rich old man. Every one makes fun of Felicity for months and she has to deal with it.

I don’t really see how this is geek related other than the fact that she has near perfect grades but overall this is my favourite story. 5/5 stars

Secret Identity by Kelly Link

A 15 year old girl pretends that she is 32 on an MMORPG because she really likes this man. They decide to meet up in New York but he never shows up.

This is really long and overall not interesting. A few parts were good but otherwise I was bored. 2/5 stars

Freak The Geek by John Green

At an all girls school tradition is important. The students choose a geek (or two) and they are Freak the Geek. They try to ruin them kind of.

I personally don’t like John Green’s writing. I was so confused while reading this. 2/5 stars

The Truth About Dino Girl by Barry Lyga

A freshman in high school has been obsessed with dinosaurs for the longest time but suddenly she finds herself also obsessed with this boy, Jamie. Jamie’s girlfriend finds out and tells him so now she is really embarrassed. She decides that she will get revenge on Jamie’s girlfriend.

This was kind of a stupid concept and I think that she could’ve been smarter. 3/5 stars

This Is My Audition Monologue by Sara Zarr

A girl has tried out for the school play for years and has always ended up working backstage. She is determined to have a role and be remembered rather than just be a backstage person.

I liked this and I think her monologue could be very empowering but I don’t really want to act. 3/5 stars

The Stars At The Finish Line by Wendy Mass

In fourth grade Tabitha said she wanted to be an astronaut so Peter did too. For the next seven years they were in a constant battle over who was smarter. One day Tabitha finds out that Peter is helping with an astronomy marathon and she wants to learn about the stars for college applications so she goes with him.

I really liked this story but I was so connected to the characters by the end I didn’t want it to end. 5/5 stars

It’s Just A Jump To The Left by Libba Bray

Leta and Agnes love The Rocky Horror Picture Show but one day Agnes becomes too cool and spends all her time with her boyfriend. Leta finds herself alone and has to try and figure things out like boys, family, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This was really boring. It was too long and kind of confusing. 1/5 stars


Overall Geektastic: Stories From the Nerd Herd was a great book. My average rating for the the short stories was 3.2 stars. Between each of the stories there were small comic strips from Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci. They told you what your fandom meant, how to dress for comic con and other cool stuff. I think anyone who has ever fan(insert gender here)ed about anything should read this book.

Have you read this book? What did you think about it?


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