Discussion: Listening to Music while Reading

Do you listen to music while you read? A lot of people will say that it distracts you from the story. Some people will say that it depends on the type of music. Music without lyrics is good for some people. A few of the people may say that it depends on the book. I personally like listening to music when I read.

The music doesn’t normally distract me. Normally it helps me focus on the words in the book. The music ends up as background noise that I kind of ignore.

The only exception to music helping me focus on a book is when it’s a book I really NEED/ WANT to focus on. Most books I don’t NEED to focus a lot because I still absorb the story pretty well. The times that I really need/ want to focus on the story the music distracts me. It fails me when I need it most but is there when it’s not important.

If I’m not listening to music and I pick up a book to read I will not put on music. The only reason I have music playing while I read is because I don’t want to stop listening to it. The music is just so good that I never want it to end (I now fall asleep with my earbuds in because I don’t want it to end. I have an addiction or something).

What is your opinion on listening to music while reading? Do you do it or know people who do? Tell me in the comments below.



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  1. I don’t usually listen to music when I read, because I’m either paying attention to one or the other, so there’s no real point, but if I am going to, then I’d go for something instrumental, like classical music, or just random “relaxing nature sounds”

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    1. I understand that completely. I listen to my Panic! at the Disco and read at the same time. It doesn’t bother me but it bothers like everyone else


  2. I always have music playing while reading! I don’t find it distracting at all 🙂

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    1. Exactly. Some people just start focusing on the music rather than the pages on the words. Sometimes the music in the background actually enhances my reading experience.


      1. I find it so easy to read and focus on the words with music playing! I have multiple playlists so sometimes depending on what I’m writing I’ll put a certain playlist on and the songs actually go with what I’m reading :).

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      2. Same it can enhance the reading experience of reading if you have the right music.


  3. I usually listen to music while reading, and I agree with you that it isn’t really a distraction because it tends to become just a background noise. Listening to music helps to block out the noise from my surroundings and it really allows me to focus more on the book. And a book plus earbuds are actually a great warning for people to not disturb you! 😂💙

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    1. Yes! You understand me completely plus earbuds and books make for some nice photos.

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  4. I listen to music if I am trying to read in a public place like in a café or on the bus, as -like you say – it becomes background noise which I can zone out. Were as if I wasn’t listening to music I would be listening in to other people’s convocations, which distract me. However, if I am at home where it is generally quite I wouldn’t listen to music.

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    1. Exactly people are so distracting. At home if I already have music on I will keep it playing but when it’s not I don’t normally put it on


  5. otakutwins1 says:

    I don’t read and listen to music at the same time and I don’t write and listen to music for the same reason. It always distracts me xD I end up dancing and singing along, so maybe I should try non vocal music, even then I might end up dancing…sometimes I do brave the music and writing because it helps keep me inspired 🙂 reading and music though, never works well for me 😦

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    1. Everyone has their own ways. I only read with music half the time.


  6. I just wrote a piece on my blog about this. I find if I’m reading outside or a doctors office music can help drown out distracting sounds I just keep it low.

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    1. I do the same thing while I’m reading on the bus. It’s a lot better than hearing a bunch of sounds


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