Reasons to Read The Infernal Devices


Have you read The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare? If not you probably should because it is now one of my favorite series of all time. It’s better than The Mortal Instruments. If that doesn’t convince you already then here are eight reasons to read The Infernal Devices.

1. The shapeshifter

Tessa Grey can turn into anyone she wants and she uses it in the coolest ways. It is fascinating hearing about how her transformations work and how they save her from a few kerfuffles.

img_41062. The ships

So many people you will ship. There may be a love triangle but you will love both the men and you will be happy with the outcome. There’s also Jessamine and that one person who I love together, Charlotte and Henry, the Lightwoods and their wives to be.

3. The Magister

The Magister is my favorite. By listening (reading) to his speech about why he is trying to destroy the shadowhunters you can see why he thinks that way and you will actually want to join him.

img_4104-14. Shadowhunters against robots

They are not exactly robots but they are machines in human form. The “robots” are there to destroy the shadowhunters and their battles are pretty epic.

5. Sibling “rivalry”

Both siblings are on different sides of the battle. One loves their sibling and the other refuses to believe that they are actual siblings because of propaganda from The Magister.

6. Woman with power in the 1800’s

Charlotte Branwell is the head of the Institute and eventually they want her to become the first female Consul. She spearheaded the way for women to get power in the shadowhunting world.

img_41057. Families who work together

Everyone who lives at the London Institute loves each other like family and they don’t want to be split up. They work together to save the mundanes, the shadowhunters and the world.

8. Makes me smile

I swoon all the time because everyone is perfect for everyone Cassandra Clare wrote them with and it makes me so happy when they are together. I get so happy whenever they win because of how they “celebrate”.

Have you read The Infernal Devices? Do you want to read the series?



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  1. HeyItsEmaan says:

    My favorite series. Absolutely love them.

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