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Slytherin’s are all evil. You can’t trust a Slytherin. They’ll stab you in the back. They don’t care if a dark lord takes over the world. They’ve got so much money they don’t know what to do with it. They are racist. They are mean. These are all things people have said about my Hogwarts house and frankly it’s very rude.

As a Slytherin I love the house. Sure it has it’s bad parts but there are many amazing things about the house. To me Slytherin’s are ambitious, they stick to what they believe and they are loyal to their family and friends. Do any of these things sound like bad qualities to have? Sure you could turn evil and try to take over the world (Tom Riddle) or you could make a good difference in the world.

According to Pottermore, Slytherin’s are cunning, ambitious, resourseful, shrewd and determined. These don’t just mean “dark wizard” it could possibly mean “teacher” or “politician” (I think these fit the characteristics). They also say that Slytherin’s are born winners. Honestly nobody can be a born winner but with enough effort you can win at anything.

The truth is that while most Dark wizards are Slytherins, many members of Slytherin House do not have Dark leanings

Harry Potter Wiki

There are many great wizards who have come out of the Slytherin house. Take one of the most famous wizards in history, Merlin was a Slytherin. Severus Snape gave his life up because of his love for Lily Potter. Horace Slughorn, a potions teacher seemed like he was a pretty great guy. Narcissa Malfoy betrayed Voldemort because she loved her family.

By 1970, the Knights of Walpurgis (later renamed the “Death Eaters”) was an organisation that included people that Tom Marvolo Riddle, who became Voldemort, knew from his time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Nearly all of those recruited were from Slytherin House. However, there may have been recruits from Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and even from foreign schools within the ranks as well.

Harry Potter Wiki

There are also bad wizards to come out of other houses. Take Peter Pettigrew, a Gryffindor who became Voldemort’s right hand man (in a way). Professor Quirrell was a Ravenclaw and he let Voldemort hang out on the back of his head. Maybe not as many people from other houses turn evil but Slytherin’s also have that reputation that may lead them to that life.

Bad people come from everywhere but also do good people. I have no physical proof but I’m sure the good people out number the bad people in this world. You can’t just say that all Slytherin’s are evil because that seem’s like a very Donald Trump move (he was sorted into Gryffindor.). It’s like how you can’t say all Muslim’s are terrorists or all American’s are fat because obviously they’re not.

If it comes down to it Slytherins are so greatly stereotyped that people don’t even realize that there are good people in Slytherin too.

What is your opinion on how people in Slytherin are Stereotyped?


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  1. sophiereads says:

    I agree! I’m a slytherin, too, so it annoys me when people stereotype us.

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    1. It’s like “who do you think you are? You don’t even know me so stop saying these things about me.”

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  2. I think that it’s really important to remember that all these houses have both good and bad qualities. No, the HP series was not kind to Slytherin, but I actually think the fandom is much fairer to the house, able to see that their ambition and determination are actually things they should be proud of. You are right, Quirrell was the first one from another house that we learn had allegiances to Voldemort and I kind of wish Rowling had explored this more in the books. Great post!

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    1. Thanks. I think it is still forgotten by the fandom fairly often that Slytherin is not evil because they always compare evil people to them

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      1. I haven’t come across that kind of thing myself, but it’s unfortunate that you have.


  3. Haley Keller says:

    I definitely think a lot of Slytherins have a lot of negative connotations associated with their house that aren’t necessarily true. Personally, I got sorted into Ravenclaw with the old Pottermore sorting quiz (and that’s what I considered myself), but I took the new quiz recently and got Slytherin. I’m still trying to wrestle with that. It’s not that I have a problem being a Slytherin, but I’ve considered myself a Ravenclaw for so long that I can’t bring myself not to. It kind of spurred an identity crisis actually.

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    1. I totally know what you mean. I used to think that I was a Ravenclaw until I looked at the traits surrounding Slytherin and I realized that was totally me. I used to not want to be in this house because of what everyone thought of it. Just choose the house you believe you belong in because that’s where you belong.


  4. I’ve always been disappointed by the way Slytherin’s were portrayed in the books. Even when there was a call for them all to work together, they were still left out. And even people like Snape were looked at more as a one-off than as a representation that not the whole house was bad. I’m REALLY hoping that one of Harry’s kids gets sorted there for The Cursed Child so we can finally get a look at what the Slytherins are like.

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    1. This has to happen. It is so annoying how they represent them as jealous of Gryffindor. One of Harry’s kids need to be Slytherin to show them all


  5. Heather says:

    *high fives fellow Slytherin* I love posts like these! The books make it seem like, as Hagrid said, “There wasn’t a bad witch or wizard that didn’t come out of Slytherin,” but that is just prejudice. In the end, our morality as people is independent of our values and present more in our actions and our beliefs. Of course, someone could use his or her cunning to hurt others—but someone from Ravenclaw could manipulate another person with their intelligence. A Gryffindor could physically harm someone. Even a Hufflepuff has a power to make others feel less than they are, because they aren’t perfect people (although, they are very nice, let us be clear). I am so glad that we are able to rally together outside of the books! 🙂


    1. *high fives back* exactly, every house has it’s bad qualities that could turn you evil. Outside of the books we are all good friends no matter the house and that’s great


  6. Tasya says:

    I agree with this post! Not all slytherins are bad. They’re ambitious, and ambitious people tend to do anything to get what they want. That doesn’t mean that they’re bad. Snape is a slytherin, and yet he’s friend with (and loved) Lily. Horace Slughorn, while kinda annoying because of his slug club, helped during the battle of Hogwarts and stay loyal with Harry. Regulus Black ended up turning his back against voldemort. I think we get bad slytherin stereotype because our main player in the series is a Gryffindor, and we all know their relationship is really really rocky. Even Harry in the end admitted that Slytherins isn’t all bad, by naming his son after Snape. Lovely post! ❤

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    1. Thanks. People need to look past Draco’s attitude during the series because that is not what the average Slytherin is like. Draco was raised as a hater so he was stereotypical.


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