Sexuality and Advocates for Diversity


Hi. If you don’t know me I’m Breanna and I’m a 15 year old female from Canada. And just so you know I’m bisexual.

Last weekend I came out to my two best friends that I was bisexual. I was scared of telling them because for some reason I thought they would be like “no your not” or “are you just trying to get attention”. That was the complete opposite of what happened. They were perfectly fine with it and one of them actually suspected that I was bi.

Last week was the American presidential election. Let me tell you that I’m not happy with the results. I found out that one of my really close friends was a big supporter of Trump and I couldn’t continue being friends with him. I don’t want to fight with my friend but I can’t be friends with someone who endorses a misogynistic, homophobic, racist.

I go to a very white school. A lot of these teenage guys seem to support Trump’s presidency. I didn’t even realize just how many people actually wanted him to win. It sickens me. I was crying so much last Wednesday night because I was scared for so many people.

Yesterday I was at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario. There was a person sitting there all day with signs of anti-gay and anti-abortion propaganda. I cannot stand it when people use religion as an excuse to be homophobic. I really just wanted to grab some random girl and start making out with her right in front of that person (I didn’t because I don’t have the self confidence and I’ve never been kissed before). I want to hear what they would say if two girls were kissing right in front of them.

I’m the type of person who will stand up for their beliefs. If anyone says something that is homophobic or racist or anything like that in front of me I will call them out on it. I think that Trump being elected as president has made me want to tell the world that I’m bi because then I can be like “fuck this” and tell everyone my thoughts loud and clear. I’m not the type that would hide and it’s not like I go many places where people could target me

I’ve compiled a list of people who I’ve seen are advocates for diversity on Twitter and another list of people who are open to you going to talk to them. The list of advocates of diversity are people who I’ve seen constantly talk about and stand up for diversity on Twitter or have told me that they are (and don’t worry I checked). The list of people you can go talk to are people who have personally told me that they want you to go talk to them if you ever need someone, whether for support or advice.

List of people who are advocates for diversity on Twitter

List of people who may not be the biggest advocates for diversity but are open to people coming to talk to them

And you can always come talk to me. My Twitter DM’s and Tumblr messages are both open so feel free to contact me at any time if you need someone. I love you.

*Just a note that Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic! at the Disco came on while I was writing this. I thought it was relevant. I love that song.


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