Catch Up With Me // Poetry, Procrastination, Indigo Teen Hangout

Let me start by saying I’m sorry. I’ve been gone for a while; It’s been half a month. Honestly I’ve had no motivation to blog or do anything. I’ve finished one book this year and that book I was almost done when the year started so… ya. I’m not even going to try to explain why I’ve been gone because I don’t know why.


Now I’m going to answer the question that I know only two of you have been thinking: What has Breanna been up to these past few weeks?

Thanks for asking. The answer is simple: Procrastination. But like actually I’ve done so much procrastinating it’s kind of funny; I have a math exam in two days and I forget how to find zeroes… oops. I’ll study after I write this post, another post and do some other things.

Other than procrastination I’ve also started writing poetry. In December I read The Princess Saves Herself in this One by Amanda Lovelace and I absolutely loved it. After I followed a bunch of poetry accounts on Instagram and fell in love with it. The past week and a half I have spent a lot of time writing short poems that I publish to Wattpad. A bunch of my friends say that I’m really good at writing it so I’m going to continue posting my poems.

Heres a link to my Wattpad where you can read my poems

So I’ve spent a lot of time on those poems. I’m most proud of Cause and Effect 1 and Shut Up . You should go check them out and tell em if you like them. Also comment ideas about what I should write a poem about next.

I’m also going to write poems based off of my history notes to help me study for my exam on Wednesday. If you want to read those I’ll drop the link here. I doubt they’ll be very good and they’ll be about Canada in 1899-1947; War, autonomy and sadness.


I went to the Indigo Teen Hangout. Back in August I went to this cool Indigo Hangout at my local Chapters and it was pretty cool. They had a second one last Saturday and it was pretty lit. I met some cool book people, talked to the staff. At both of these events I was a boss at YA Trivia because I know popular YA books.

At the event they had a bunch of arc’s that they were giving away. I won 5 of them and I’m feeling really cool. I’ve never gotten a physical arc before so this is pretty cool for me. There were only like seven people at the event so we all had a pretty good chance of winning books.

At the event they said that they wanted to be doing an event like this every month. My Chapters store is going to be starting a teen bookclub soon and I’m so excited!! I’ll get to meet more teens in my community who read. Books are amazing. Bookstores bring people together. I like making friends other places because I don’t talk to many people at school.

If you have any ideas for poetry feel free to comment ideas below! Have you been to an Indigo Teen Hangout?


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