And we are back on the air!

HELLO! HELLO! Is anyone still there? Haha probably not, I haven’t blogged since the beginning of March and it is now May. Okay then, for those of you still with me I thank you. I’m hope I’m back for a while and won’t stop again because blogging is going to help my mental health.

Okay so you get the point I’m back and you’re here. Onto more important things…

Recommends Book is changing! I started this blog back in 2015 and I wasn’t really sure what I should call it so I went with Recommends Book. I’m not changing the name because I’m scared about what is going to happen but I am “rebranding”. Here is how…


  1. I’m not just going to be posting about books anymore. I’ll be posting poetry, music recs and makeup stuff along with books.
  2. On Twitter and Instagram  I’ve changed my handle to Poetic_Unicorn and Poetic_Unicorn_ because this is a title that fits me better (and I swear I changed it before the unicorn frappe craze). The blog name will still be the same but I’m also going to refer to “my space” or anything that is mine as part of “Poetic Unicorn”. As you can see on the homepage it says ‘Poetic Unicorn loves…”
  3. I’m going to have a specific theme each day for posts. Makeup Monday, Poetry Wednesday, Thursday Jams (For music and borrowed from my good friend Jenna, she said I could do it back in February) and Books any other day of the week!
  4. I also changed the theme of my blog and I like it a lot better than before. Personally, I like things to be aesthetic so it is nice for me.

That’s pretty much it for me. It might not seem like much but I haven’t blogged in so long so it seems like a big change. I hope you stick with me because I think that my blog is going to get a lot cooler!


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