Iconic Poems by Breanna Volume 1: The Iconic Canoe Poem

Hey guys! I though that today would be a good day to show you my poetry. Poetry is the number one love of my heart, yes even above books. I used to write poetry all the time and it was amazing. I’m really sad that I don’t write it as often anymore but I feel like I should share it with you. You can check out all my poetry on Wattpad here.

The Iconic Canoe Poem

Hey confidence
Where you at?
Do I not show enough competence
Or something like that?

I try to talk to you
But I don’t know what to say
So I run to my canoe
And attempt to pray

I don’t have many beliefs
But I believe I want to die
When I start to think about my griefs
I want to say bye bye

To bad I’m too scared
Otherwise I’d be gone
Because here I go undeclared
And all I can do is try to live on


I wrote this poem as kind of a joke a few months ago and now it is the most iconic thing I have ever written. It’s fun and it’s a joke but then at the end it takes a dark turn. When I wrote this back in January it was when I was starting to feel more depressed. This year depression has affected my life so much and it’s the main reason why I didn’t blog for so long. Poetry was one of the ways that I helped deal in the early days of my depression and although it has gotten a lot worse since then I’ve been dealing a lot better recently.

Nowadays, my friends always tell me to go pray in my canoe because that’s the only thing they got out of it. This was one of the first poems that I’ve shared with people and back then I was rhyming everything so that’s how the canoe part came to be. It’s iconic. Ask any of my friends.


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