Iconic Poems by Breanna Volume 2: The One Where We Don’t Like F*ckboys

Hey guys! Last week I really enjoyed sharing my poetry with you and I thought that I’d try again this week! Remember that you can read ALL of my poetry here!

You’re a Dick

You know what really annoys me
All you boys act like dicks to hide the fact that you don’t actually have one

Nothing you’re doing is needed
You’re fucking conceited

This isn’t me being mean
This isn’t me being rude
It’s me telling you not to be a stupid teen
and you don’t need to see me fucking nude

How dare you ask me that
And now you start calling me fucking flat

I’m not a whore
you’re just a fucking bore

Not everyone wants you
oh boo hoo
Go cry to daddy

Why did you even text me in the first place?
I’m that girl who’s socially awkward and shy
Did you think you’d enjoy the chase?
Because I sure as hell don’t want to be Germany with the Treaty of Versailles

I’m waiting for the day that you realize all your mistakes
I can’t wait for the day that you learn the word respect
A word that you should’ve learned fifteen years ago

We wish you died on that beach during d-day
That’s all I wanted to say
Because nobody likes you anyway #sorrynotsorry


I wrote this poem as a response to fuckboys. My friends and I used to always quote this poem and it was even used in the stupidest of circumstances. It is so fun to just say the poem as if I’m speaking to people and I love performing it in front of my friends. I wish all my poems were so iconic that I could perform them.

A few months ago I also recorded this poem and put it up on YouTube. It’s really cringy (for me at least) but if you want to check it out you can find it here!


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