Thursday Jams: 18 May 2017

Hello! I’ll be starting to post a Thursday Jam every week on here. My friend Jenna originally started Thursday Jams on her blog and I’m borrowing it.

This week the song that I’m choosing is one that I’ve ignored since it came out. When this song first came out I was like “this is a jam let’s keep listening to it” but I never really listened to it. I always intended to listen to it but I could never remember the name of it.

Last week this song was on the season finale of Riverdale and I was like “omg I remember this song, it was a jam” but then I forgot about it right after. On Monday morning I was talking to this person (who I’ve like never talked to) about Comic Con which was over the weekend. We were talking about Madeline Petsch and how me missed her q&a and then about the new episode. At the end of the episode this song played.

Later on Monday I was looking through my music and I came across this song. I immediately played it and then added it to my playlist. I’ve been listening to it since then.

And folks the song title you’ve been waiting for and maybe have guessed already is Believer by Imaging Dragons!!!


Music Video

Do you like Believer by Imagine Dragons?



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